Coronado Beach After The 2014 Winter Storm

by Paul Talbot on March 2, 2014

Look closely at this picture.  Across the steps  you’ll see mounds of sand piled up by an earth-mover.  You’ll see the big waves crashing out on the beach beyond the protective piles of sand.

For some reason, this is the exact stretch of beach, the stretch hit hardest by our winter storm, where the City of Coronado figures it would be smart to spend more than a million dollars to build a new a bathroom.

Where Avenida Del Sol meets Coronado Beach, between the Hotel del Coronado and the Coronado Shores.

The beach at La Sierra Tower and the Roeder Pavilion at the Coronado Shores shortly after Sunday morning’s high tide.

The Coronado Shores Beach Club.

A beachcomber surveys Shipwreck Beach at the Coronado Shores.

Steps leading up to the seawall from the beach.

From our living room, fourteen floors above the beach.

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